Pure White Speed – the new album from the Cesarians out 9/11

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Imagine Arab Strap jamming with the Bad Seeds after a wild night in some dive bar they’ll never find again. Think of a tighter Birthday Party reeling elegantly from chorus to verse yet smashing the furniture up in the process. Iggy struts and Jacques Brel drains the optics. Pure White Speed will keep you awake. And knock you out.

There are two sides to every story and the Cesarian’s offer both on two discs (artwork by Saatchi art-star Jonny Green). Ray Staff (David Bowie, Led Zeppelin) masters and Teo Miller (Blur, Placebo, Penthouse) mixes prowling piano and intricate strings, honking stabs of brass and pile thundering drums. Gentle melodies settle, dragster-noise bass snorts and cutting his way through the rising smoke, Charlie Finke dispenses lyrical exhilaration, paranoia and bliss, restlessness and rapture.

Pure White Speed opens all the wounds that the Cesarian’s eponymous predecessor (recorded by Craig Leon in Abbey Road) could only briefly show you. It goes deeper. It cuts, it bleeds, it hurts, it soothes. It gives a sudden rush then introspection follows, it tells you to fuck off then wants you in its arms. It has poison on its lips but it makes the pain go away. Try it once. Then take it again.



‘Control’ the new video from Pure White Speed

Video:  Ashley Jones | www.thechaosengineers.com

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‘The Cesarians ban guitars’ – The Sunday Times

It’s true. The Cesarians did ban guitars. But only in the beginning. Then along came Budge Magraw. A bassist extraordinare, lending pounding riffs to the rhythm section. And one make of bass above all features on Pure White Speed, the new album from the Cesarians.

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“I basically used three different Höfners for the whole album,” says Budge, “a 5000/1 and a couple of 500/1’s. The violins used by the girls are both Höfners too, the same model – Höfner H215 “Stradivari” Series Violins, each with “Karl Höfner Series” bows.

Here, for the first time, is the full album track listing and what Budge plays on each:

1. Post War Blues – Höfner 5000/1 “Deluxe” Violin Bass (Birdseye Maple and Gold Plate)
2. Pure White Speed – ditto
3. This Way – no bass (orchestral)
4. Everything Dies – Höfner 5000/1 “Deluxe” (as above)
5. Control – Höfner 500/1 “v64” Violin Bass (Brunette Burst, with flat wound strings, straight out of the box, and recorded this track the day I got it, shortly before it was pictured with me for the Höfner 2013/14 Catalogue cover)
6. Column – Höfner 5000/1 “Deluxe” (as above)
7. Meltdown – Höfner 500/1 “Contemporary” Violin Bass (black)
8. Woman – ditto
9. She Said – ditto
10. Blunted – ditto
11. Creation theory – ditto
12. Man Quake – ditto


“Since the recording, Höfner made me a signature bass, I met them in Germany to go over the spec, and did some demo videos for their YouTube channel. It’s now known as a Höfner 500/15 Federal Bass “Budge Magraw Signature Edition”. It’s based on an old President bass big body, but with a violin bass neck.”

And now the good people at Höfner are offering this Ignition Violin Bass (signed by the band) as a Kickstarter reward. Click the link below and get your hands on it now.



Before you’ve even heard a note…

…before you’ve taken the record out of it’s sleeve or hovered your curser over the candy wrapper thumbnail, the first thing you will be struck by is the album art.

We don’t have to mention Peter Blake or tell you where Andy Warhol stuck his banana, but in the spirit of Gerhard Richter (Daydream Nation, Sonic Youth) and Robert Rauschenberg (Speaking in Tongues, Talking Heads) the Cesarians are extremely proud to have not one, but two paintings by the fabulous Jonny Green adorning the front and back covers of their album Pure White Speed.

cesarians orange back large

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Jonny Green graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Masters degree in Fine Art (painting). In the years immediately following art school the artist exhibited extensively both in England and the US, including representing England for the F.I.A.R. Art Prize, an international touring exhibition of the most promising young painters from several different countries. After a break from painting of nearly ten years (during which time he wrote, recorded and released 5 major label albums, toured the world as a musician, wrote 2 short movie soundtracks ((produced by Spike Jonze)) and had his songs used for numerous TV ads), Jonny returned to painting. Recent exhibition highlights have included a museum show ‘Beastly Hall’ at Hall Place in Kent alongside Carsten Höller and Damien Hirst as well as the Nanjing International Art Show in China. In 2015 he has forthcoming exhibitions Ambiguous Practices-Still Life, Aberystwyth University Gallery, Wales and Collection of Small Paintings, The Contemporary, London along with exhibiting as part of Beers Contemporary’s annual Contemporary Visions V exhibition, London, UK

cesarians blue front large

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“Jonny Green makes paintings of sculptures… Mad-men rendered crudely in plasticine and electrical tape or abject-looking re-animated brains adorned with filthy paper flowers and grubby clockwork parts. Each depicted object/character seems to be demanding recognition and validation from the viewer in spite of their manifest flaws, they seem to be trying to adorn themselves in an attempt to make their appearance more palatable. In contrast to the gleeful, almost slapdash making of the sculptures, their subsequent rendering in paint is meticulous. Green explains this approach as ‘an attempt to dignify and document or give testament to something that seemingly lacks dignity or a voice’. The resulting paintings are both still-life and portrait, animate and inanimate. As viewers we experience a kind of cognitive dissonance as we are simultaneously attracted and repelled by them at the same time.”

Jonny Green’s Saatchi Artist profile

Do you know who Jeff Koons, Damian Hirst and Banksy have done album artwork for?

Any other artists you know of who’ve collaborated with bands worthy of a mention?

12 Albums to give away…

We’ve put twelve Pure White Speed stickers up at various locations around London.
One for each track on the album. Here’s the first six. Watch out for the second half of the album…

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We will be posting photographs ofthem on Facebook. If you can correctly identify the location, take a photo (or Google Street View screen grab) of where you think it is and upload it as comment to the corresponding post on the Cesarians FB page.

If you’re right, we’ll send you details of how to claim your Pure White Speed album download. There’s twelve altogether, one for each track on the album.

Remember we intend to produce physical copies too.
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There’ll also be a very limited number of tickets for an exclusive acoustic ‘micro-gig’ where the Cesarians will be playing live arrangements of songs from their forthcoming album – Pure White Speed.

PWS cover-with-text

Find out more and hear our new single ‘Control’ here